Hi lovelies,

Happy midnight shopping fest! It’s Black Friday – time to shop! I don’t know about you, but I certainly get a bit lost with all the bargains available, waiting for pages to load, refreshing pages, having only moments to decide, “do I really need this…”

To make the process easier for you, I decided to make a list of the must-haves from across my 3 companies – Pearl Daisy, Lashionery and Ardere Cosmetics:

pd black friday

The Bordered Hoojab Collection

I adore this collection and you have loved the looks I have created wearing these classic hoojabs. They are easy to wear, really light, and I chose the colours to flatter all skin tones, especially the warmer toned gals like me!

bordered hoojab final

With today’s saving, you can get one of each colour for £12.80 instead of £15.99!

If you prefer the Hijab version, you can get them for £8 each, the choice is yours.

The Studded Hoojab Collection

Now is the time to get your hands on the studded hoojab collection. These luxurious hoojabs add elegance to your outfit, perfect for weddings, parties or just when you want to dress up for date night!

studded hoojab

You can get your studded hoojabs for £20 each for the next 24 hours only. Use the code ‘Friday20’.


New to lashes? Why not start off with getting some ‘Natural’ falsies? – These lashes will give you a discreet, uplifting effect. They’re perfect to add a delicate boost to any lash line, subtly enhancing your natural flare. You can get your ‘Natural’ falsies today for only £3.50 a pair! This includes our superior lash adhesive: a latex-free formula, our premium glue grips the lash perfectly, holding it in place all day. You can’t go wrong with this purchase.


Stock up on your falsies stash with a massive saving of 30% across the whole Lashionery range! This discount can also be used on your pre order of the new lash range – you’ve loved the previews of ‘Intertwined’ and ‘Winged’, get them today for only £4.20! You will get them by next week and be in love with them from your first touch…



Do you have drooping eyebrows? Are they light and sparse like mine? Eyebrows are the mark of beauty and the frame of your face, so we developed the perfect product to help you maintain and define the brows of your dreams.


You can try the Ardere Brow fibre today for £13.00! See for yourself the difference this miracle product makes in my video below.

I hope this made your Black Friday shopping task a little easier, lovelies.

Happy shopping and saving!



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