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Hi lovelies,

Today I wanted to share my winter haul with you! I am so proud of myself that I didn’t buy any capes, you know I heart capes! The theme of this haul is very much, the on-trend cosy fake furs. I love having colours that frame my hoojab, particularly in the winter time to keep warm.

My Hoojab: http://bit.ly/TexturedDeer

The false lashes I’m wearing: http://bit.ly/LashioneryWinged

As I have shared with you, I am digging the more neutral colours, so my first purchase is the khaki fur lined cardigan from Boohoo. It’s long, with three quarter batwing sleeves, really easy to pair with a long sleeved top.

khaki cardigan

My next purchase is the thick-knit off-the-shoulder black jumper.

black shoulder jumper

I am really impressed with the quality, it doesn’t look like its going to bobble, if at all, thus I went for two colours! Yes indeedy! I just couldn’t resist getting it in this beautiful burgundy colour. It is a rich colour that I would have so much fun matching with a lip colour.

red jumper

I also bought some outerwear accessories. The first is basically the Hoojab’s long lost, furry, cosy cousin. Ahhh, so soft! fur snood

The next is another detached fur collar in this beautiful teal colour! It’s a luxurious accessory that makes an outfit classy.


You are well aware of my passion for cute pyjamas, and this has shown up in this haul in the form of these adorable polar bear pyjamas! How cute are these! I love prancing around in these cosy pyjamas, especially since these are so warm and comfy. polo

For a bit of luxury in my nightwear, I also bought these satin pyjamas. I love the comfortable fit and the fact that the colour is so flattering to my skin tone. satin

My final purchase from Boohoo is the polo neck poncho. Sometimes a girl’s gotta have a cosy poncho day! When I’m out and about with errands, it’s a really easy and practical item to wear.

Actually I picked up this furry hat for my sister, who was looking for one for a while. But now that I hold it in my hands, I love it and might just keep this one for myself and get her another one, hmmm not sure what to do….

fur hat I picked up a few things from ASOS. The first is my long knit dress. A lot of you have been asking me about it since I posted this photo on my Instagram – so now you know ladies. I bought this from the tall section, because it is meant to be a ‘midi’ dress, so I wanted mine to be longer than usual. I paired this dress with my new Ugg boots from John Lewis – love them! They are the Ugg Kensington 1969 style, but they are from the children’s section, so cheaper than the adult boots.

white knit dress

I bought this funky white cape t-shirt! My love of capes, lives on! This is a nice top to pair with a long sleeved top underneath to make a creative outfit. It actually looks much nicer once worn, which I hope to show you soon.


The next item is a long sleeved top, with an asymmetrical cut at the bottom. It is one for my basic collection that I layer with under my clothes. I love that it is long and covers my bum, and that it has a quirky cut at the bottom.

black long sleeve

For me, it was love at first sight with this gilet. It is the perfect length and can be worn with so many neutral colours, with this piece as the wow item in your outfit.


Lastly from ASOS is this sleeveless polo neck top – again I have posted pictures wearing this and you have all enquired after it. The mustard colour is so under appreciated in my opinion, it is a great autumn colour and so flattering to our skin tones.

rusty dress

Hope you enjoyed this haul! Happy shopping!


Faux Fur Collar Cardigan

Off the Shoulder Jumper (black and maroon)

Faux Fur Hooded Scarf 

Faux Fur Teal Scarf

Teddy Bear PJs

Satin PJs 

Polo Neck Poncho

Faux Fur Hat


Jumper Dress

Cape Jumper 

Asymmetric Top 

Faux Fur Gilet 

Sleeveless Polo Neck Tunic



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