Happy Wednesday, lovelies!

In my new video, I decided to film what’s in my bag. It was actually my way of sorting out what’s in there ;o) Here it is:

What I’m wearing:

Fawn Textured Hoojab

Intertwined Falsies


Some of the things I mentioned:

My bag

My concealer (shade 3)



As for the day, I absolutely loved it! I mentioned in the video that I was headed out to the Ardere Cosmetics “Demo Day” for the new Flawless Concealers. In actual fact, I hadn’t mentioned the day very much because leading up to it we sold out of 3 of the 5 shades and we had a few of the remaining left to sell! We have since restocked but it was amazing to see so many girls turn up to place advanced orders and to have a play with the makeup and Pearl Daisy Hoojabs!

As for touch ups… Yes – once, before pics ;o)

Much love,




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  1. fari


    Can u please make a video on building self confidence pleasssssssss m getting through very tough time very complicated life its sooo hard for me to be able to speak up in front of people even i had done many presentations ( all were ridiculous) n i always think i will do best next time but whenever time comes i become anxious i become nervous n specially my voice become low n breathe less plz help me to build self confidence i wish u will write or make video on this topic In sha’Allah may Allah bless u for everything u r doing n inspiring ameen ?


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