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The other day I had a foot pampering session and I realised this is one element of my beauty routine that I haven’t shared with you yet!

Beauty routine? Foot pampering? “How is there a connection?” I hear you ask.

Well, apart from the relaxing element of pampering, there is a foot soak that I do every week/fortnight that has helped hugely in maintaining clearer skin.

For me, skincare is the heart to all beauty routines. And it’s not about having perfect skin – very few people in this world have that, and I’m not one of them! – it’s about achieving the best condition for your own skin.

When it comes to spots, there can be numerous causes. Some of the ones that are simpler to fix are things like allergies to products used on the skin, or allergies to food or even exposure to dust. Simply stopping the exposure will fix the problem.

But the trickier skincare parts are where internal body irregularities are concerned, and, more specifically, where it comes to hormones.

Ah, hormones: the wonderful chemicals that can give us so much joy, but also a fair bit of misery! For a lot of women, hormonal imbalance can cause skincare problems that can range from severe cases of chronic acne to relatively smaller, occasional monthly spots.

Now, here’s the secret ingredient that will help to regulate your hormones: Magnesium. And I don’t say that statement lightly as I know it’s a big claim to make. I love sharing this because after talking on my YouTube channel about Magnesium Oil spray (which I used to clear up my acne), this is one tip that I repeatedly get great feedback on when I meet my viewers in person. This is tried and tested by yours truly.

I even filmed a video on ‘Getting Clear Skin’ (click here to view it) and spotlighted the Magnesium Oil spray… But watch that later!

Let’s first talk about a new way in which I’ve been using Magnesium for the past few months as part of my regular skincare routine.

As much as the Magnesium Oil spray usage was amazing, putting it on every single day (as well as the slight film that remains on the skin afterwards) was quite inconvenient for me personally. Now I don’t mind inconvenience for a worthy cause, but if there is an easier way to use the same ingredient, I would choose the latter option!

I have begun to use Magnesium Flakes; click here to see them – I usually buy 3 1KG bags so I get free P&P and can stock up for emergencies where I can feel a pimple creeping up.


Never use Magnesium directly on your face or spots. This element is used on the skin as a transdermal treatment, which means it crosses the skin barrier and enters your bloodstream. In short, it gets into your body far more effectively and with far fewer side effects than edible Magnesium supplements.

With Magnesium flakes, you may use them either in the bath (for a full body treatment if you have bodily aches and pains as well), or make a mixture of the flakes plus water to make your own Magnesium spray (more economic than buying the spray separately). I use it either in the bath or, more frequently, in a foot soak. Either way, the Magnesium enters the body.

I make my mixture in a plastic tub (mine is made for dishes but it’s the perfect size for my feet so I only use it for my foot soaks!). I fill it with hot water. To avoid wasting the flakes and for maximum concentration of the Magnesium, the amount of water I use is just enough to cover the tops of my feet. The temperature is a tolerable ‘hot’ and not an “ouch-I-burnt-my-foot” kind of ‘hot’.


Then, add a generous fistful or two of the Magnesium Flakes. Stir well and then get seated and soak your feet! I do this for a minimum of 20 minutes at least once a fortnight or more in between if my skin is acting up.


I found my spots clear up faster and I get far fewer hormonal breakouts since I began this routine. The additional benefits are that this solution helps to soothe aching muscles that are soaked in it, and regular soaks also give a more restful sleep!

Have you ever given this method a go? Watch my video and let me know your skincare tips!

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  1. Shay


    Is this approved by a physician? I really wanted to try the spray but my GP friend mentioned about magnesium poisoning, so then I wasn’t sure. Grateful if you can add a footnote to comment on whether this is medically approved! Thank you.


    • Pearl Daisy


      More info on the product that I use is at the link I’ve provided! It doesn’t say “physician approved” specifically, so if you’re unsure then I’d recommend you consult your personal GP :o)


    • Saba


      Yeeyh, finally a post again! So loved reading it! <3 I can't believe it's been a year! 😮
      Since I watched your video about magnesium oil I've been on the hunt for magnesium oil, and I finally spotted it in a drugstore! Will be purchasing soon and in sha Allah it will make a difference.
      Ps, instead of the magnesium flakes, can one just add a few drops of the magnesium oil in your foot tub?


  2. Mehreen


    After watching your review on magnesium oil, I was very excited and bought the spray. I suffer from teenage spots and I spray 5-10 sprays on my arms before I go to bed. The spots don’t go quickly, it takes a few days like 4-5 and then I notice my skin getting clear and I stop using it but then the spots come out again :( and it doe itch really bad, lol.

    Do you think the magnesium flakes work faster than the oil? and do they cause itching?



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