Are subscription boxes a bust or a bonus? I decided to dive down this rabbit hole and see what comes out the other end. Trying something new is the best part of going with a subscription box… its also the worst.

Wantable is a company that curates subscription boxes to fit their subscribers needs. Wantable has three boxes to choose from. Makeup | Accessories | Intimates

Makeup: 4 to 5 luxury brand items per personalized box
Accessories: 3 to 4 on-trend pieces per personalized box
Intimates: 4 to 5 premium essentials per personalized box

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I went with Makeup.  When I first signed up to Wantable they took me through a list of things that I could either love, like, or dislike. Once I tailored the list to fit my likes and dislikes I hit submit. Four days later this arrived.



There were two run away hits for me from this box. The One Stick from Be a Bombshell. And the Fat Lip Pencil from LAQA & Co. What I liked about them is that their color payoff was perfect along with the texture of the makeup. I would buy these again especially the One Stick, because you can use it for everything… lips, cheeks, and eyeshadow.

The makeup brush was O.K. and so was the DEX lip gloss. Typical higher end drugstore products you can find anywhere. One product I didn’t even try was the Golden Rose Mascara. I am very careful what I put on my eyes, especially mascara. When I opened the mascara the smell was so off putting… it smelled like the 80’s died in there. It may be an amazing mascara, but I couldn’t bring myself to put it on.

Would I try Wantable again? Yes. Their site was beautiful and easy to navigate. They ship to the US, Canada, Australia and now, the UK. I liked that they truly considered what I liked and disliked. They shipped incredibly fast. The cost of the products vs the cost of the box was definitely worth it. £50 of product inside a £25 box. I would rate this box a B+.



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  1. Hafsa


    Assalamu’ alaikum Unrelated, I know sorry, but is there any other way other than twitter that I can vote for you on the shorty awards? If not please let me know if I need to reactivate my twitter ( funnily enough I only made it so I could ask you something.) X
    PS of someone could vote on my behalf my message reads as follows inshallah :
    I nominate @pearldaisyltd for a Shorty Award in #youtubestar because I can appreciate her sincere & pure intentions x


  2. Sadaf Mohiuddin


    Asalam O Alaikum,

    I just wanted to ask which lipsticks by Mac or Bombshell etc are ok to be used by muslim girls/women. I want to get different shades but I cant seem to find the ones with suitable ingredients. Any recommendations would be much appreciated. Thank you


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