Pop of Plaid

by 3 February 2014 Fashion Like


Plaid has been huge this season. This River Island jacket has become a staple this dreary winter season.

Here are a few details you can add to any winter outfit to make them pop!



Custom diaper bag: By Rosie
Oversized Plaid Scarf: Ralph Lauren
Schoolboy Blazer: J.Crew
Plaid Chain Necklace: Forever 21
Tartan Pump: DSQUARED2
Plaid Jeweled Toe Pumps: J.Crew
Plaid Peplum Jacket: Ralph Lauren
Check Silk Square: Burberry

Here are a few ways you incorporate plaid into any outfit. And make sure to balance your outfit with bold solids. That way you don’t get overwhelmed. Try the Royal Blue Wing Hoojab with the Plaid Jewel Toe Pumps by J.Crew. That pairing would be amazing.

How do you wear your plaid? Comment below and let me know.



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  1. Sumaiyah


    Assalamualaikum! I must say I love the layout of this blog! I’m 15 and I’ve been watching your videos for 3 years now, I really want to meet you. You seem like such a a genuine and down to earth person m’A. I love your fashion sense too, adding pops of pattern or colour is always a good idea. It also brings warmth to a cold day :) I hope to meet you one day inshallah. <3 xoxo


    • Safa


      Asalamialykum I love your fashion sence and mashallah your such a great person. I have purchased a pearl daisy and hoojab and they are such good quality. I ❤️ U!!!! And would really like to meet u


  2. Samantha


    There is nothing that says “South Eastern USA” like a plaid button-up shirt! :) :) I’m always excited to see new ways to wear this excellent pattern!


  3. Ikhlas


    So excited for your new blog, Amena! Can’t wait to see what other goodies you’ll be posting on here, inshAllah.

    I don’t own a lot of plaid, but I have this weird thing for plaid scarves. I don’t have one yet, but I’m always on the lookout for a cute one.


  4. Yun


    Assalamualaykum~ This is great! I just posted a blog post where I wore a plaid ‘casual dress’ (don’t really know what to call it). Anyways, love your videos and blog Amenakin!


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