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The other day some really cute product photos were put up on the Pearl Daisy Facebook Page by Salma Saleem Photography. I just had to share them on here. :o) She also included some wonderful reviews.
The Daisy-Tree
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Just like the hundreds of thousands of you reading this, I too am a HUGE fan of Sister Amena and Pearl-Daisy. I first and foremost find it beautiful, to see the love Amena has for Almighty Allah and the Beloved Prophet Muhammed. It actually shows in her videos, as her face glows with absolute heart-felt love for God, the Prophet, Islam, and for being a Muslimah! I love her for her modern yet modest style & how she has launched products, which cater to the needs of all Sisters. I have purchased a number of times now from Pearly-Daisy. And with my half complete collection, here are my reviews:

Peacefully Bliss: Silver Peace Hand-Daisy-Chain [728]
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I chose this, because it had the “peace” sign as a centre piece. The meaning of my name (Salma) is peace. I didn’t realise, what I was buying, would become a chic accessory for me! It was a delight for me to see the chain size fitting me perfectly. Often we go to buy a product and there is a problem with the fitting. Well with Pearl-Daisy products, rest assured! All products cater the needs of all size, in this context – hands! This particular Hand-Daisy-Chain, can be worn with a casual everyday outfit and blend in OR you could wear it with a nice party dress and look chic. Its a must-have.

What love is love, without a heart?: Red Heart Silver Chain Ring [R04]
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I fell in love with these Chain Rings, when I saw Sister Amena adorn them on Instagram! They just make your hands look so much more brighter and how shall I put it? LOVE-lier? They are adjustable, which (as said before) fits all sizes. What I think I love most about these, is the Red Enamel heart with the Silver stone detailing around it and the chain linking to a plain ring, it really brings out the main ring, when one is plain! Okay. I know. I just basically said I like all of it! But what to do? That’s what the PD collections do to you! They make you fall in love with them! Sooo aluring…

Gold is Gold: Gold 18k Plated Crescent Hand-Daisy-Chain [722]
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When I wore this for the first time, my dearie Mum was shocked! She thought I was wearing a real-Gold Hand-Chain! Imagine that? Must be of some HIGH QUALITY for my Mum to think it was real Gold right? See, that’s the speciality of Pearl-Daisy’s Hand-Chains, they’re all made of a high quality finish. This means, they not only look expensive, but also look classy on your hands! I love wearing this one with Asian clothes! I think it looks really beautiful and blends in well with most my outfits! You can wear it with Western outfits if you like! I sometimes wear mine with long shirts and it looks just as great!! This piece is one that can be worn casually or occasionally. Its a perfect addition to your accessory collections at home :o)

Oh-My: Gold Cluster Chain-Ring
DSC_0029 (2)

This was the first bought with my first order from Pearl-Daisy. And it was one that I was super happy about! I was so pleased. Who wouldn’t be? I wore it, saw how it looked on my hands and ah (sighs)… Its beautiful. I prefer wearing these rings on two different fingers, but you can even wear them on one and they would look just as gorgeous! The cluster has been made with the best of care! Its not like the ones you get from other retail outlets, where the stones and beads drop off after wearing them a few times. I’ve worn this almost every other day since I’ve bought it and it still looks as good as new! That says a lot about the way Pearl-Daisy products are made. I used to think that the products wear quite expensive, but after making a number of purchases, I came to realise, the prices were not based on profit. They are priced reasonably according to their QUALITY. I as a PD Customer, assure all the ladies, the products are worth the price you pay! Each and every one!

Rosey-Rose: Silver Rose Hand-Daisy-Chain [716]
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This is my everyday casual accessory. I wear it to uni. I wear it when I go shopping. I just love it! Appearance aside, we all know it looks beautiful, but this Hand-Daisy-Chain is soo comfortable! Its light weight, which I love. Some accessories, you end up getting tired of wearing. Well, you won’t with this one! I think what is amazing about the Hand-Daisy-Chains, is that they are so easy to wear! Just slip-on and tie-back. As simple as that! The centre pieces are really elegant and most definitely unique. This rose centre piece, I don’t think I’ve seen anything even as near as being similar to it. Anywhere! If you don’t like wearing too much, then this is the accessory for you!

Ooo You Cluster!: Gun Metal Flower Hand-Daisy-Chain [737]
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One of my recent purchases was this… I wore it and yup. You guessed it. I fell in love with it! The cluster flower is a real attractive piece! I received it in the post, wore it and paraded it around my home, showing everyone. And luckily, PD got themselves a new customer. My sister! She got attracted to this attractive looking Hand-Daisy-Chain and in her words “this one is really nice. I’m gonna buy one”. I think, when something you have is wanted by others, it automatically makes you feel lucky to have it ;o). I loveeee the colour! Its a Gun-Metal colour and that’s what makes it a must-have! The cluster is quite big, so having it in a colour as such, makes it wearable on casual occasions. A lot of sisters I know, think that Pearl-Daisy products are the kind to be worn on special occasions… You’re wrong ladies!! You can wear these beauties anyday, everyday! That’s the best thing about them.

Ah! Ruby-Red: Gold Ruby Drop Hand-Daisy-Chain [721G-2]
DSC_0060 (1)
I’m a hugeeee fan of Rubies! I find them so beautiful to look at. When I saw the chance to wear it, I took it! Pearl-Daisy’s Ruby Hand-Chain is a unique piece. It looks elegant when worn and can be worn with ANY outfit for ANY occasion! The fitting is perfect, I don’t even have to clip it in from the back, I just slip-in the chain from the wrist and then slip-onto the finger and slide down! Its not something I’d advise you do, because if it breaks, you’ll be blaming PD! And it won’t be their fault. But because of the way its been made, it does make it easy to do that (if done carefully). I have got so many compliments, whenever I’ve worn this Hand-Daisy-Chain! Its so noticeable and it really makes your hands look more “pretty”. Add it to your basket now on Pearl-Daisy, because when its gone, its gone!

Silvery Joy!: Peace Silver Chain Rings [R07]
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These are as simple as they look. Lovely design. The two rings can be worn on one finger or two. I prefer it on one finger, I think it looks better. BUT that doesn’t mean it’ll not be as nice on two. Sister Amena wears them really beautifully on two fingers and they look just as good! Its just about personal preference. One of the rings is adjustable, which was fine with me. I have quite a big hand and fingers, so if they fit me, they’d fit any size! When worn on one finger, it looks like a midi-ring, which is why I prefer it. These Chain Rings, should be added to your accessory box, if you like the casual yet chic OR elegant and classy appeal.

Diamonds are a girls best friend (even if they’re not real): Silver Diamondesque Hand-Daisy-Chain [145B] 
DSC_0014 (1)
I was quite reluctant to buying this one. It looked quite delicate and weak to me (online). But, I am the kind of person, who sets her eyes on something and does anything to get it! So, I bought it anyway. And lady was I glad I did! Its an amazing piece of accessory and it looks absolutely LOVELY on the hand. The centre piece fills up your hands and makes them look very elegant. I would say this one is more for wearing on occasions, because of its exquisite beauty! Yes, it is delicate, but its not weak! I would so wear this to all my occasions! It would have all the ladies glaring! Its eye-popping candy after-all! 

I rate all the products I have bought 5/5 stars! They are all fabulous pieces of accessory and worth every pound spent! I have placed my 4th order and I am eagerly awaiting for the arrival of them! Lots of love to the Pearl-Daisy team and good-luck for the future of your business Sister Amena! :o) xo
Salma Saleem



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