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I recently posted up an A. A. Milne’s quote:


This little treasure of wisdom was dispensed to children through the character of Christopher Robin; it touched me how this was taught to children, when we as adults sometimes forget it.
chris and pooh

No matter where we are in life, there are times where we find ourselves surrounded by unrelenting negativity – or so it seems.

Whether or not you are a ‘public figure’ on social media, I feel as though if we aren’t careful with where we channel our energy, anybody can get swept away with emotionally damaging dialogue.

Honestly speaking, I used to see a lot more ‘drama’ happening on social media. The only difference now is not that there is any less conflict between personalities (online as well as offline!), but that I recognise what is important to me when it comes to building a positive relationship with the world around me.

So here’s my social media survival kit:

  • My Family and Friends

Being a mother and wife keeps my priorities in check; they are my life and the major part of my happiness. My parents are very supportive and my sisters are never shy to give me their opinions!

  • Really loving what I do

I developed my Hoojabs and improved them based on what I needed and wanted. Pearl Daisy grew to incorporate more products that made my life easier, and my Lashionery and Ardere companies have come out of my passion for good quality cosmetics. My entrepreneurial interests spring from my loves and hopefully there are more to come!

  • Positive Outlook on Life and Self

You have to learn to respect yourself – as a woman, as a living soul – and not let anyone else’s opinions about you dull your day or hold you back from the joy you want from life. Love yourself enough where you don’t have to validate who you are; appreciate the unique, remarkable soul that you have without needing to belittle someone else because you want a blessing that they have. If there are any sources that try to pull me away from that mindset, I in turn pull away from those sources.

heartSee you tomorrow, lovelies.



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  1. Umme


    Jazakallah khair for these amazing words of wisdom. I really appreciate it when you post uplifting or encouraging videos with your courageous experiences and how you deal with daily struggles. In our world I think these struggles are becoming too common. Inshallah, we can help each other through them with more consistent reminders like these. I know that I really needed this today :)


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