A very scrumptious Sunday to you all!

I thought I’d share some ‘behind the scene’ bits and thoughts on the interview I did on the Guz Khan Show on the BBC Asian Network yesterday… so let’s go!

We drove from Leicester to Birmingham with the kids and my sister Mai, dropping them off in the mall (I don’t know why I keep calling shopping centres “malls” – darn that American influence haha!), before Hubs and I went to the studio.

I Snapchatted our outing (snapchat: amena_official) – really chuffed because I’m actually getting into Snapchat… finally! Haha. Here’s an elevator selfie, as you do:


What I’m wearing:

Urban Glam Hoojab (one of the new Glam Hoojabs coming soon to Pearl-Daisy).






Being a Saturday, it was really quiet in the BBC building, but I felt at ease because everything was just so chilled – especially the team! Guz and his team – Zayna and Amrita – greeted us with warmth and we all had a bit of a laugh as I settled in…



There are always a few minutes before doing interviews or where I’m put “on the spot” where I get a little nervous, but I usually switch on the voice in my head that reassures me and says, “just be yourself and nothing can go wrong”. This time, however, I didn’t even feel nervous for some reason!

Anyhoo, so we started the interview, which you can listen to here (it’s available for a month I believe); it was one of the easiest and most laid back interviews that I’ve done.


Above: when we did a quiz where we asked each other questions from the subject we specialised in (Guz was a Humanities teacher). So much fun. Guz is absolutely hilarious and down to Earth and made the whole process so easy. You can hear me laughing so much throughout the recording!


Afterwards, we all hung out for a little while and chatted about work and the online world. It was refreshing to chat with people who not only know the ups and downs of the internet, but were just so very human. I think that sometimes it’s easy to forget that the person we see online has a whole life outside of the internet, and they, just like everyone else, are on a journey of discovery and of seeking meaning, belonging and connection.

Also, I learnt a new word: “mandem”.

Then came the important part – group pictures and my learning gangster hand signs…



When we left the studio, I felt so uplifted – positive energies always make me calm and inspired. Mai and the kiddos were nearby so it didn’t take us long to leave the building and hop over to the Bull Ring. We had lunch, did a bit of shopping and then left to go home…


Thanks for joining me on my trip!

Much love,




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