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Hi lovelies,

As promised in my video today, here are some more answers to your questions:

Occhena Tara The cutest couple ever! Ma Shaa Allah. You guys are my favorite couple! ♡ My question is, what you guys do, when you are at mad at each other after an argument over something? And both of think you are right. What guys do in this kind of situation? – Ara

Thank you for your great question, Ara! We found very quickly that communication is the key to solving disagreements, even if you both have different opinions about something. Marriage isn’t about turning into one personality with one opinion and no diversity in thinking! When resolving an argument, the most important thing is to behave respectfully towards one another, and to remember that calmness and respect in itself will be progress.


Millie Dougie What would you both say are the key factors to a happy and lasting marriage? Absolutely love your videos btw Amena smile emoticon Lots of love from a Catholic fan!

Thanks for your support, Millie! The key factors, I’ve found, are respect, compromise and the desire to make your partner happy. If both parties do this, the road is much smoother!


Princess Zakiyyah How you’ve got the magical hand of styling different hijab styles properly?

Haha, a magical hand! I’m not sure about that, but I do enjoy being creative with different outlets. Plus, the Hoojab makes it so much easier for me to practice styling and still achieve the coverage I like. I’ve always enjoyed the process or learning a craft – from hijab styling to makeup to painting to playing instruments! – so I did spend time in the beginning learning how to wrap basic hijab styles and then going from there!


See you tomorrow. XO



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  1. Maria


    How did you learn the art of doing makeup? I am really found of this skill. But obvio idk how to begin. any beginners products? How do i learn which product works best for me?? I’d really appreciate your advice :) thanks. Oxoxo


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