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How are you this Saturday evening? I have been having a busy out and about all day with the family. The city centre is packed with the holiday shoppers – the December hustle and bustle has begun!

I uploaded the latest video where I introduce you to my business partner for Ardere cosmetics, Paula Durance. Paula is a makeup artist with 9 years of experience in the field, but a lifetime of love for makeup.

amena and paula

We have known each other for about 3 years now, and became aware of one another through social media. I contacted Paula and we met up at Costa. I actually hadn’t seen Paula at all prior to meeting and was expecting a brunette – don’t ask why haha! But in walked a gorgeous blonde and what I loved was that it was like chatting with an old friend. We even had similar taste in makeup and products. We instantly clicked and even now, we could talk for hours about all sorts of things!

makeup guidelines

We are both passionate about makeup and struggled in our day-to-day work to find products that suited ourselves or Paula’s clients. Paula found the shading products on the market were never quite right for the Asian skin tones – they were too orange or red, and thus we worked together to develop our hero product – The Ardere Cosmetics Sculpt Stick. We have included a dark shade and a light one – both have been designed to act as “shadows” to expertly contour the face with minimal product and maximum effect.

We thought long and hard and worked relentlessly on the range to perfect the formulation and method of delivery. For the sculpt thing, we are SO chuffed that our customers have noticed the design of the stick itself being perfect for contouring. The size enables precise application, whether you want to contour your cheekbones, jawline, nose bride or forehead, and the product is strongly pigmented so you only need to apply a tiny amount. After all, nobody wants a cakey contour!

Sculpt stick


Working with someone who is so similar in their work ethic makes life so much more bearable when it comes to setting up a new business! With Pearl Daisy, my YouTube channel and Lashionery, there is a lot that has to happen in my day to day ‘business life’. Paula, being a working makeup artist and also a busy mum like me, works, funnily enough, in the same way as I do – relentlessly! In the video when she says “it’s not all glamorous”, that is an understatement! Extremely long hours, little sleep and back busting running around went into Ardere… but for us we’re proud that we’ve worked to do this ourselves <3

Watch the video below for Paula’s advice on how and where to apply the sculpt stick to create expert contouring a la the Kim Kardashian style that everyone loves. Hope it helps! Try it out and let me know.

I’m wearing the Charcoal Chiffon Hoojab from Pearl Daisy. Paula is wearing the ‘Fluffy’ lashes from Lashionery’s new range, and I am wearing the ‘Flicker Flicker’ falsies.

See you tomorrow! Have a lovely evening. XO



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