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Hi Lovelies,

I get lots of requests from viewers about my makeup collection – what’s new, what’s no longer used, what are my desert island must-haves, so I decided to answer most of these in the recent video that I made about my makeup collection as it stands in Spring 2016.

As you know, like your wardrobe, your makeup collection is constantly evolving, and I love the leaps and bounds of improvement makeup quality has seen, thanks to the advancements in technology and the superior quality of raw materials that my Ardere makeup uses.


I organise my makeup in the way that’s most comfortable for me – so the things I use most regularly will be close at hand. I’d love for you to share some of your tips and thoughts with me about this! So first off I have my palettes, these have really been whittled down to my essentials. If you want to watch my video on how I declutter my makeup click on the video below to get your organisation ball rolling…

You will see that I keep my Urban Decay eye palette, Tom Ford and Charlotte Tilbury quads in this section. This section, much like the blush and lips part, sees a lot of changes because my sisters borrow my makeup quite a lot! They call it their “shopping spree” when they visit my glam room haha! But it’s all good – everything gets returned and we get to have a good natter about what products we enjoy using!


You can see my hoojab pins box because you will know from my videos that this is where I do my hoojab.


Somehow over the years I seem to have collated a large number of brushes. I finally streamlined and kept my most used ones, giving the rest away to my family and friends. I have kept some in storage for special occasions, but these are my faves that I use regularly. These are stored in pen pots and the groovy vase fillers that keep these brushes in place are from Ikea!


I have kept the Too-faced foundations out as they are going to be used in a video shortly, so this space is normally reserved for anything that I need in the short term.


My fave foundation (TooFaced ‘Born this Way’ foundation) at the moment will stay out, as will my Ardere concealers, because these are my essentials. I have been experimenting with lots of the shades and am finding that they are very versatile. For example, the darker shade that has been created to be under eye highlighting concealers, I have found that it works effectively as a corrector around my mouth.


My makeup sponge and brushes get regularly cleaned and I keep a towel on my dressing table to make this process easy for me.


My Lashionery adhesives are stored in a cute little pot, since each pair comes with its own glue, you will start collecting a few of these too.


My favourite lipsticks and liquid lipsticks are kept out and within reach in this organiser. You can see my Tarte, Sleek, Chanel lipsticks and Balm lip colours amongst the rest.


The clear drawers here, house my blushers and highlighters.


I’ve deemed the bottom drawer as the transitory drawer, storing my q-tips, cotton pads and some space for some of the new makeup I’ve received that will be moving in here soon. I also have the Balm Cosmetics long wearing eyeshadows called ‘Batter up’ which are fantastic.



Moving onto the next level, here are my non-eyeshadow pigments and glitters. You will see my gorgeous Ardere glitters taking centre stage here:


With them, this drawer contains some Barry M dazzle dust, Makeup Geek pigments etc.


The next drawer has my eye pencils, which from my video you will know took me the longest time to decide which eye pencils I wanted to keep and which finally needed to be thrown out.


The bottom drawer – I love this drawer – is the eyeshadow base drawer. I love it because these products transformed my eyeshadow game!


The next unit has my lip pencils, with each drawer organised according to the shades. Moving off the dressing table and onto my side units – the first drawer has my tools:


You can see my Lashionery lashes, with the newer lines at the front including ‘Intertwined’, ‘Winged’ and ‘Flicker Flicker’ all of which you can see in my Instagram posts.


The bottom drawer stores my hand towels and further bits and bobs like wipes, packs of cotton pads and matches.


We’re almost done, the desk drawer to my right has my important makeup pieces including my Ardere Sculpt stick, eyelash curler and Tom Ford eyeliner pen – loovvee this!


The rest of the baskets contain more lipsticks which get refreshed and swapped around with the collection that I keep out.


The products in the back have now almost been archived, I used to use them for cover up before my Ardere concealers came out, so I have put them into their early retirement.


Those 2 baskets in my window sill is the makeup I am giving away to my friends, following my clean out, I’ll ask my friends if they would like any makeup and I’ll keep it aside for them.


Well, that’s it lovelies. I hope you enjoyed this post! Do watch the video for a closer look at everything:


Featured in the video:

My table

My mirror

Acrylic makeup holder drawers

Acrylic pen pots/ brush holders

Acrylic makeup palette holders (letter holders) 

Ardere Cosmetics Concealers

Ardere Cosmetics Makeup Sponge 

TooFaced ‘Born this Way’ foundation (Warm Beige)

My seat

Charlotte Tilbury makeup 

Lashionery False Lashes 

theBalm Cosmetics Meet Matte Hughes Liquid Lipsticks 
Follow theBalm Europe on Facebook: http://bit.ly/TheBalmEUFacebook

TooFaced Melted Liquified Lipsticks

Two Drawer Unit

Black baskets from the pound shop

My silver glitter wallpaper

Have a lovely day!




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  1. Shara


    Salaam Amena, Got to say I love that you’re very honest with your makeup and haven’t accumulated your makeup for the sake of growing your collection. Also I may be starting to imagine how that wallpaper would look in my room :)


  2. Khadija


    Hi I have recently started to watch ur videos and love them. I was wondering if u cud help me out. I’m 32 years old mum of 2. I have a 3 year old daughter zainab and a 1 year old boy zaid. And as u know no. I have no time fir myself. I now want to start using make up. With consealer and stuff but have no idea where to start. I have no make up no brushes and nothing. Can u plz show a demo video for all starters and what we should buy. Plz plz help me.
    Sister khadija


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