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I made a video a few weeks ago about the launch of my new range of lashes for Lashionery, and you guys have been loving these! I’m linking the video below.

Today, I thought I would take you through my new range of lashes, so you can see why the Lashionery Lash collectors are growing by the day!

lashes pink

I released 5 new lash lines, tailored towards those lash lovers who enjoy wearing more dramatic lashes. These are, like the rest of the range, high quality synthetic lashes – that means no animal hair or human hair. These are cruelty free and come with a free tube of latex-free adhesive to apply your lashes.


The first one is called ‘Flutter’, these beauties are wide, so they will elongate the eyes, and they have a high volume of very thin lashes so they are light and comfortable to wear. The lashes are ‘double stacked’ so they’re perfect for party/special occasion eye makeup looks. These lashes taper outwards so they add emphasis along the lash line from one corner to the other.

flicker flicker lashes

The next style of lashes are called ‘Flicker Flicker’, these are more graphic in their appearance – just look at these beauties! The lashes are arranged in pointed clusters and will elongate the eye whilst filling up the outer corner. These will help you enhance the almond shape of your eye.


The third style of lashes are called ‘Intertwined’, and I would say these are the tamest of the new collection.

These have been designed so the fibres criss-cross to add a little bit of volume and emphasis on the root and then they are pointed at the end. The fibres are slightly shorter at the edge and then become longer in the mid-part, so if you have some hooding on the eyes or if your eyes are droopy at the edge, these lashes are wonderful at lifting up the central part of the lash line to give your eyes an OOMPH!


The next style are called ‘Winged’ and these have been designed in a special way. There are clusters of lashes interspersed with just 3 or 4 single fibres of lashes arranged in such a way so that there aren’t any gaps in the clusters – there’s still that emphasis and enhancement on the lash line. These beauties show that unique pattern of clusters come through, so gorgeous! To top it off, they won’t block out any of your eye makeup, and have a thick band to give you an eyeliner effect. The thick band also helps maintain the shape of the eyelashes and makes them really easy to apply.



The last style are called ‘Fluffy’, and those are the ones I am wearing in the video. These lashes have wispy fibres – so if you loved our ‘Wispy Soft’ lashes, these are the upgrade design to those, but more dramatic. They are made up of these clusters that are packed in between with plenty of thinner and ever so slightly longer fibres. That gives them the look of being very realistic and full at the same time. They’re so soft and romantic looking, plus because of the thicker band, they are easy to apply, you can literally just plonk them on top of your lashes and they’ll sit there beautifully. These lashes will enhance your eyeliner and give the look of very thick, black roots – so stunning!

All the lash designs are made to flatter any eye shape and give you gorgeous, dramatic eyes – you guys are absolutely going to love them once you try them! Check out www.lashionery.com to see the whole range!

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