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In the day and age of smartphones and tablets and other electronic means of writing that don’t require a pen and paper, I still harbour the love of diaries and calendars. Surely, I am not the only one? Alas ‘tis the season to purchase these and I will take you on my journey to rediscover the love of writing a ‘la pen and a crisp new page…

One of my favourite things to do as a student was to buy a new academic diary at the start of the new term. I would wonder through the shiny shelves at Waterstones and choose my companion for the year. It’s a personal choice. A book that proves its worth when important appointments aren’t forgotten, an organiser that literally gets used every day – running 3 businesses requires a diary. Click  on the images for the links to get more details. dodo diary

This is the one I used to get whilst I was teaching, I found the big ESPO diaries too clunky and ugly – this kept my life in order. I love how it still speaks to me: “If you too are nearly extinct with the daily pressures of modern life, then try the ‘Dodo pad’matt diary

This Matt diary is drawing me in. The description says it contains “cartooons (that) cover a wide range of topics that resonate with all of us” – I might need some insightful cartoons to take me through the year.

OMG! The Star Wars fan in me is drawing me into this diary. I am sure they will have a 2016 version of it coming out soon…

This is adorable – my sister would love this. She is an avid fan of Alice in Wonderland and there it’s an anniversary for the publication of this book. *Adds to basket*.

Then of course there comes a situation we are all too familiar with, we start off buying one thing, and another ends up in your shopping bag to keep your diary company…

How lovely are these Tote bags?

Now that we have to pay 5 pence for shopping bags in England, these two are not only good for the environment, but lovely to wear too!

darcy bag
Darcy Heart Tote Bag

wuthering bag

Wuthering Heights Tote Bag

There are more luxurious diaries on the market too, that I like to browse through, some of my faves are:

pink diary

This small pink IANTHE leather 2016 diary from Liberty London.

gold diary

This Barbara Wiggins metallic gold foil leather diary is truly sumptuous!

Hope you enjoyed my diary(and tote bag) choosing trip!



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