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So the American Music Awards (AMAs) was on a few nights ago – performances aside, my favourite part about awards shows is to see who wore what and how they did their hair and makeup! This year, the stunning Jennifer Lopez presented the show and performed.

Her opening stage performance was a tribal dance in Aztec-inspired costumes, and is dubbed as “one of the most memorable openings to the AMAs”.

Jlo 3 I loved watching her outfit and makeup changes throughout the night. Although some outfits were not quite to my taste, her hair and makeup was on point. Is there any makeup look this woman can’t pull off?! Oh, and I LOVE that yellow colour on her – her stylist didn’t just stick to dark, Autumnal colours which made the outfit changes all the more interesting.

JLo dresses

My favourite was the beautiful ombre pink gemmed dress on the right. How gorgeous! Then I noticed her eyelashes and got really excited – can you spot it?

jlo 2

J Lo’s falsies are like Lashionery’s ‘Flicker Flicker’ lash design from my new collection!

FlickerOneEye logo

Notice the bold, jet black lashes, with long, sharp clusters interspersed with shorter softer fibres.

jlo flicker

Despite the controversy over JLo’s racier outfits, nobody can deny that she’s managed to stay on top over a decade! There was a time she disappeared (looks like it was around the time she had her kids) but she came back with a vengeance haha.

I noticed that through the outfit changes, her eye makeup was kept very similar – the make up artist focussed on switching up her lip and cheek colour, which was a brilliant idea and goes to show what a difference it makes when changing even parts of a make up look. See for yourself!

Anyhoo, I’m still gushing over her lashes ;o)

See you tomorrow, lovelies!



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