With my best friend’s birthday coming up, I was browsing through Elle’s fashion accessories and came across what seems to be a trend in giving mobile phone cases as presents! How perfect! My friend is obsessed with all things iPhone, so I decided to browse through the offerings. It was certainly a case (lol!) of the good, the bad and the ugly (yet expensive!).

Both of us are quite girly, thus the iPhone 6s in rose gold was our perfect phone – so pretty and pink! However, is it me or is the 6s too big for pockets? Sometimes it just falls out, so to keep a functional phone, it’s time to consider some of these.


This is a cute Kate Spade design.

cute cases

I love how quirky these are and easily detectable (as I misplace my phone a LOT haha). The Skinnydip London Lift Off is $28 and it’s a steep $75 for the Stella McCartney Lips.
marc jacobs phones

These Marc Jacobs cases are unusual, I quite like them for myself! It reminds me of the door from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. The one on the left is even called Alice’s Key iPhone 6 case – cute, right!
gold drip

This is a nice design – the lower part is clear so the rose gold from the phone will still feature in the design. It’s called Casetify Liquid Gold and Mint and sells for $40.

LV case

Hubs has really got me into appreciated designer accessories and I admit I’m quite drawn to this Louis Vuitton case. fresh and repllent cases

These ones just made me laugh. I’m not sure who loves housework so much as to want a reminder of the cleaning spray constantly with them! Costing $95, it’s not even like it’s a cheap gag. Not sure why we would want a repellent design as a phone case haha.
wink case and bag

Oooh, she is a lash lover, this Chiara Ferragni case and back pack are adorable! She would love these quirky designs.

I’ll carry on browsing…what are you up to today?




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