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Here’s a sneak peak to my upcoming video where I will be sharing with you my new lashes and announcing our upcoming Black Friday sale!


I am so proud to launch the luscious new range of Lashionery lashes! There are five new lashes, intricately designed and hand made out of premium synthetic fibres to improve your lash wearing experience. Let me introduce you to the cutting edge new collection – 100% cruelty free and 100% perfect!


The ‘Flutter’ eyelashes are densely packed with fine synthetic fibres, so they are really light and comfortable to wear. They are wide to elongate the lash line from corner to corner, to give you a thick, sultry lash look for all the ladies who love their dramatic makeup.

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‘Flicker Flicker’ are more graphic in their design – it is the statement lash. These lashes are arranged in pointed clusters, to elongate the eye and pull up the outer corners, enhancing the almond shape. As soon as you feel the lashes in your fingers, you will see that they are superior in quality. These lovelies are more inclined to keep their shape, so it makes it much easier to take care of them.


‘Intertwined’ are formed with crisscross fibres to add more volume and emphasis at the root, gradually becoming sharper at the edge to give your eye a modern look. The fibres are slightly shorter at the edge and become longer in the middle, so if you have any ‘hooding’ over the eyes or if they are drooping at the edges, these are fantastic at really lifting up the central part. I love how these ‘open up’ the eyes.


‘Winged’ are perhaps my favourite of the five, because the design is very unique and unusual. They have clusters of lashes interspersed with three or four single fibres of lashes arranged in such a way so that an interesting pattern forms with the falsies combined with your own natural lashes. This means that these special lashes will enhance and emphasise your lash line, with the added cluster details coming through. These lashes will not block out your eye makeup and the thick band will give an elegant liner effect, making them really easy to apply.


‘Fluffy’ are the next generation of our bestselling ‘Wispy Soft’ lashes. These lashes are beautiful, formed with clusters of fibres that are packed in between with plenty of thinner, slightly longer fibres. These will give your lash line a realistically fuller look, with what I like to call a ‘romantic’ effect. Again, the thicker band makes them SO easy to wear and gives you the perfect liner look along the lashline.

I know you will love the collection as much as I do! I am looking forward to hearing what you think of them. These treasures are available to pre order from Wednesday 25th November from www.lashionery.com.

See you tomorrow! XO



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