Hyderabad has an important place in my life. I have vivid memories from my childhood where I visited my grandmother, aunties, uncles and my cousins in India. With both my parents originating from Hyderabad, I got to experience a lot from both sides of the family.



My grandfather, I was told, descended from the Nawabs. I was delighted with the stories I was told growing up, about how my grandfather went to school riding on an elephant. There was an old tv show (on TVAsia, I think) called ‘Tippu Sultan’; I would often imagine my grandfather’s upbringing similar to the princes in that show.


I never really found out how true this was – my grandfather was a reserved man – but we did get a few good heart-to-heart talks before he passed away. Those last few conversations are very dear to me.

Whatever the truth, I like that I can pass my love of Hyderabad to my children – our own Urdu accent:

Our gorgeous jewellery and fashion:sathlara

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Our manners and traditions:




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The daisy chain I am wearing is the ‘Ivory Stone’.

And of course, the Hyderabadi biryani! XO




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  1. Syeda


    Aapka Urdu accent/lehja is a mix of Hyderabadi+English. Even though I’m not much into make up and follow you mainly for the hijab styles, it was fun watching this.
    P.S. I’m a born-brought up-resident of Hyderabad and love every bit of it.


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