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When you are new to wearing a headscarf, pinning seems to be the most elusive part. You want me to put a straight pin where?!?
Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 11.29.18 pmDoes your scarf slide around on your head? Does it feel secure? I will show you how I pin my scarf and hopefully this will help you.
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Pearl Daisy sells two types of hijab pins. A pin wheel (37 mm) or pins in a box (30 mm). Both pins options are a convenient way to carry them about. I would recommend the longer pins if you have thick hair or a voluminous hijab style. It makes weaving easier. I tend to use the smaller pins towards the front of the style… closer to the front of my face.

How to pin! I have found the best way is to weave all the way down to your underscarf and back up again multiple times.
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But before you do even this… make sure your underscarf is secure. If you can’t tie your scarf tightly, secure it instead with slides/bobbie pins at your temples.
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As you can see in this photo I take the pin along the same direction of my head. Weave in and our of all layers. Go through all of the folds and underscarf, be careful not to pin your scalp, and bring the pin back up to the top. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Make sure when you finish pinning the pointy bit is not sticking out. Safety First!!! :o)

The last pin Pearl Daisy sell is what I like to call: The no snag hijab pin. This pin shouldn’t snag your scarfs or fabric… the only time I have seen it is when you pull on the fabric really hard with them. I use these to pin under my chin… or pinning the scarf to my clothing. It really is a great way to neaten up your look.

I really hope this explanation helps you.




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