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Have you seen the video I released on Wednesday? I get a lot of requests from Daisies asking me about different eye makeup looks, so in this video I take you through ‘How to apply glitter eyeliner’.

I love wearing glitter on my eyes; I will apply it all over my lid, or in sections of my eyes, and sometimes, as in this video, I like to give my eyes a more subtle sparkle.

Use the flesh-coloured eye shadow base.

Use a small amount of the ‘Matt Maloy’ eye shadow and buff it over the base.

Take the ‘Matt Wood’ eye shadow onto a fluffy brush and buff it into the outer crease of the eye.


Then apply the pink eye shadow over the area where the brown eye shadow was placed.

You can work with the pink and brown to create a gorgeous gradient coloured look when blended and buffed.

For the lid, I chose to have a flesh toned colour from mixing 2 from The Balm palette. Pack this colour really well so it stands out against the pink and brown.

Then draw a thin line with the liquid liner.

eye eye

You then need the Ardere glitter adhesive – its easy to use and holds the glitter all day long. You will need to put about a 10 pence piece amount on to the back of your hand.


Then take a generous amount of the Ardere ‘Peony’ glitter and mix that into the adhesive.


Using your eyeliner line as a guide, draw a glitter line along it – I’m not going to lie, it is a little bit fiddly, so you will need to take a few minutes to build the glitter on. It’s ok if the eyeliner is partly covered, this will be reapplied once the lashes are on.

glitter eye hand

Curl your eyelashes. Then add a coat of mascara.

The ‘Fanned Out’ lashes from Lashionery are special because they will add length to your lashes without blocking out your glitter eye makeup. These lashes enhance the lashes and the black band makes it seem like you have the perfect eye liner on, so if you don’t have the steadiest hands, you will be happy to know that minor blotches won’t be noticed.


Apply the free adhesive to the band and put your lashes on, you can see in the video how easy these are to apply. Just remember, practice makes perfect!

You can neaten it up with the eyeliner and a bit more mascara if you want, but Ta-Da, that’s it!

final eye




I hope you enjoyed this step by step guide.

all makeup

Makeup used:
NYX Eyeshadow base
theBalm “Meet Matte Nude” Eyeshadow Palette http://bit.ly/TheBalmMeetMatte
Makeup Geek Blush (pink) – shade to be updated
Bourjois Clubbing Eyeliner http://bit.ly/BourjoisLinerClubbing
Ardere Cosmetics Glitter Fix Adhesive http://bit.ly/ArdereGlitterFix
Ardere Cosmetics Peony Glitter http://bit.ly/ArderePeonyGlitter
NYX Doll Eye Mascara
Lashionery Falsies in Fanned Out http://bit.ly/LashioneryFannedOut

See you tomorrow.XO







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