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It would seem that hair removal is a topic that we, ladies, just can’t get enough of. Here is the video where I introduced the topic, in case you missed it.

Details from the video

Facial hair removal using the Tria Beauty laser device: http://fave.co/1D1yyra (UK) or http://fave.co/1Mrl49R (USA).
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I thought I would give you an update and answer some questions that were left as comments under my video. To remind you, the device I use to remove my hair is the Tria Beauty Laser. It is a handy-dandy device, light and small, so it’s easy to use.

I have been using it for about 2 years now. Following on from the video, I was asked, “If it works, why have (I) been using it for so long?” To be honest, when I started off, I used the laser on the lowest setting for a few months and as I explained in the video the intensity needs to be built up. On top of that, it does need to be used regularly in a routine, which for me has not always been easy because of my busy schedule.

I was genuinely tired of waxing, and threading left my skin a bit sore. To answer another of your questions, because of the size of the laser’s base, it takes me about 20 minutes to laser my face. There are patches on my face where hair growth has stopped completely, and I am thrilled with the results.


Yes, I do use this laser on my upper lip. This area started off as being a bit more sensitive than my sideburns, but over the months my tolerance has built up, and now it feels like *poof* nothing! A good tip for you when lasering your upper lip: Use your tongue to push up the area inside the mouth just as you would when you get threaded.


I have never threaded and used the laser machine, so I can’t really say how effective mixing the 2 methods is. To me, it makes sense that the root of the hair needs to be present, because that is what the laser is targeting; when threading, the roots are removed so I would imagine the laser wouldn’t work to achieve results.


From what I know, having dark, thick hair is ideal for hair removal and these devices work best on those.


Hope this helps, lovelies! See you tomorrow. XO



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  1. Hiba


    Salam Amena sister ^^ thank you so much for this post it’s really helpful, an the update you added here was helpful too, one more question please, you said now there are patches where the hair stopped growing, so now after 2 years of use, how frequently do you use it?
    baraka allahu fik <3


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