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Third time lucky?

As-salaamu-alaykum! If my previous two reviews haven’t got you running to Pearl Daisy then I’m sure this will be the one! I didn’t realise how many HandDaisy-Chains I had, until my sisters started counting them… Uh oh! Someone’s been spending a lot of time shopping! Anyhow, here’s my review for the recent products I purchased:
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Gold 18k Plated Daisy HandDaisy-Chain [723]
I had my eye on this one since it was added to the website. But, I always ended up filling my basket with other goodies and saying to myself “I’ll buy it next time”. That next time took its time to come. Better late than never huh? I’m quiet a flower girl! I love accessories which have that floral touch to it. This one surely has! The centre piece is a White/Gold Daisy and it looks great! It looks great on the hand and really makes a good summer accessory. Wear it with anything and you’ll be sure to love the look. I used to feel a little hesitant wearing it with casual wear, but it actually looks really good! Don’t be fooled thinking its only for occasions. You can wear it to the local supermarket if you like and it won’t look like you’re wearing too much :o) <– (do you see what I did there?).
Gold 18k Plated Paris HandDaisy-Chain [726]
With the Eiffel tower being such a famous building and such a famous icon for accessories, it came to no thinking, that this one was definitely going to be added to my collection! Its got a beautiful Gold centre piece with a beautiful Green (not the yucky Green), coloured Eiffel tower. I think this time I bought the accessories that go for the Summer! This one too, I would say is a Summer accessory and with the Light Green, it means you can match it to your outfits. The fitting is great! Its loose enough for the big hands and can be tight enough for the petite. I suggest you all go buy this one! ‘Cuz when I say once its gone, its gone, I REALLY MEAN IT! Its on S A L E! Which is more than a bargain for a beautiful HandDaisy-Chain like this!
Ice Stone HandDaisy-Chain [444G-3]
This must be a loved one! Each time I checked the stock for this, it was always out! But! Alhamdulillah! 😛 I was in luck this time. I managed to purchase it and girl am I glad I did! Its sooooo beautiful!! The stone in the centre piece adds a sort of luxury feel to it and then to top it up, the beautiful detail work around the stone (*sighs*) too beautiful! Exquisite. I’ve matched mine with one of my occasion outfits and I’m so excited to wear it! I’m sure I’m gonna have some googly eyes, wondering where I managed to bag this beaut from! You know, there’s not one time, that I have gone into town and someone not said “oh that’s a beautiful chain, where did you get it from”, I give a sly grin and then kindly tell them (I’m not that mean! Haha!).
Rose Gold Butterfly HandDaisy-Chain [724R-G]
I already have the Silver piece like this and because I loved it so much, I knew I had to have the Rose Gold one too! I haven’t done a review for the Silver one, so I’ll just talk about the both of them here (since its the same thing!). I now know, why Sister Amena is mostly seen wearing this piece! Its just so amazingly unique, playful and yet elegant. All at the same time! I know, sounds crazy right? But its true! It is. Believe me! The Silver one has become my most worn HandDaisy-Chain now. I guess, it just seems so appealing. You won’t know what I’m talking about, until you purchase it, wear it and flaunt it! So go ahead…
Midi Ring Set Rose, Gold, Silver
Midi Rings are soooo in these days. Its a no wonder that Sister Amena decided to get some for her collections. Now I have quiet big fingers, which means they don’t exactly fit as “midi” rings on all my fingers, but they still do great as (ah, forgot what they’re called), let’s just say top-half of the finger rings (*laughs*). They look great and have a lovely shine to them! You can wear them together or wear them on their own, its totally upto you – but be sure to buy them! You gotta keep up with trends lovelies! <— (Did you see what I did here?).
Hyderabadi Tikka [60703]
Left the best till last! This should be renamed “Royal Elegance Tikka” – Its THAT beautiful! I need to get me a thesaurus! I use beautiful way to many times – but what to do? That’s the only word that can describe ALL the products! The tikka is a royal piece. One that can be worn on parties, weddings or even on Eid! Its not huge (unlike other tikkas’). Which means it can be worn to the smaller occasions as well as the big! Its got beautiful Gold plating with Pearl/Stone detailing. Its a one-piece MUST HAVE! I think the least I say about this one, the better it is. I’ll just let the picture do the talking! I even bought one for my little sister as a gift and SHE LOVES IT! We’ve both decided to wear it together on an occasion (in-sha-Allah). We know no-one else will be having the same, so we can’t wait to stand out! Its a statement piece that will add the class to anyone’s trinket box. Sister Amena, please bring more design Tikkas soon, I assure you, I will start a new collection, with all the tikkas you bring (*giggles*).
Much love!
You can visit www.facebook.com/salmasaleemphotography to see the other photographs I took of Pearl-Daisy products or you can visitwww.youtube.com/isalmasaleem to see the Photographic Video I made of Pearl-Daisy products. There will be a new video being uploaded soon – for those of you who want a closer look at the accessories. 



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    They look so beautiful and pretty! :) but I am not allowed to shop online as I don’t have my own credit/debit card :'(

    Will you do any giveaways or comps on the blog to win them? ♥ :)


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