Hi lovelies, There are few things in life taken as seriously as selecting one’s foundation shade. This is because it’s likely that your foundation is one of the most expensive items of makeup in your makeup case and also because you can’t go that wrong with a mascara or lipstick as we can with the wrong foundation. A
With my best friend’s birthday coming up, I was browsing through Elle’s fashion accessories and came across what seems to be a trend in giving mobile phone cases as presents! How perfect! My friend is obsessed with all things iPhone, so I decided to browse through the offerings. It was certainly a case (lol!) of the go
Hi lovelies, Great news! Since cyber Monday is literally just past the weekend, we decided to extend the sale period, so now you can shop and save until Monday 30th November 23:59! That’s an extra 3 days for you to browse through the beautiful hoojabs, hijabs and accessories from Pearl Daisy. Voucher code:Friday20 We