Hi Lovelies,

For today’s fashion blog, I wanted to give you an update of my Autumn Haul – Boohoo video.

So many of you loved the outfit I was wearing in the video, to remind you the hoojab was the very season-appropriate Matte Green Hoojab from Pearl Daisy, and the gorgeous caramel shirt was from my Boohoo shopping spree. I will be linking the details of each item below.


My Hoojab scarf: http://bit.ly/GreenMatteHoojab
Steph Woven Shirt Dress http://fave.co/1Qmu4hB 


Mainly in this haul, it was all about the capes for me! They can be paired really easily with so many of the pairs of trousers I already own, and they are easy to match with my hoojabs. The Aztec patterned cape is really warm and cosy. I wore it over an all black outfit, and it looked very sophisticated. I also bought 3 other capes because these colours are staples in my wardrobe. The soft mauve one has finished, though – a lot of you seemed to want that one but it was too late!


Cream Aztec Trim Cape http://fave.co/1QmukNr


Black Aztec Trim Cape http://fave.co/1QmukNr


Reversible Cape http://fave.co/1OCCqn0

The grey trousers are flattering and they are so chic and comfortable – I was very happy with this purchase.

grey trousers

Grey Pleat Front Trousers http://fave.co/1Qmu8Oc

The batwing-lace patterned jumper is just perfect for this festive season. It keeps me warm when I’m at the boutique and it’s a trendy piece of knitwear that doesn’t itch or fluff up.


Jumper with Lace Trim http://fave.co/1OCBxdV

I love the Chocolate Suedette Jacket, as did hubsy; it feels so soft and luxurious – totally up my street!


Chocolate Suedette Jacket http://fave.co/1OCCXVL

This was a great Boohoo haul, and I was impressed with the quality of the clothes I bought. They are great items to layer, some of which can be worn in the Spring time too!

See you tomorrow, lovelies. XO



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