Dear lovelies,

Thank you so much for all your kind birthday wishes – I truly felt the love! I am another year older, and I do feel wiser :)


I’m wearing the Pewter Bordered Weightless Hoojab from Pearl Daisy and the ‘Monroe Flick’ falsies from Lashionery.

I wanted to share some of the precious moments from yesterday:

I’ve been craving a chocolate-orange cake for the past few days, so Hubsy told me he had it all sorted for my birthday. To surprise me, he bought 2, and gave me his favourite one (strawberries and cream) when we got to my parents’ house. I was mildly disappointed – although delicious it was not quite what I was craving! He told me that the chocolate orange cake was not available. Nothing could be done about it, I figured! So the day carried on with my kids singing me “happy birthday” numerous times, and my opening presents… or rather, the kids opening them for me!

birthday couple


First one from my parents, then my sister, Zainab…oooh!

Then came my presents from Hubsy and my sister, Maimona.

My kids gave me their handmade cards and watched in delight as I cooed over their writing and drawings. Everything was simply splendid <3


To top it off, Christopher Pike’s book, ‘The Strange Girl’ was released today, so I had to get a copy – loved his books as a teenager! Very excited to read this.




























My family, parents, sisters, brother in laws and grandmother went out for some Turkish food. Then, whilst drinking our Turkish tea, suddenly the lights went down and then came the last big surprise of the evening!



A chocolate-orange birthday cake! Don’t mind the ribbon around my neck in the above pic – thought I’d decorate myself to amuse the kids ;o)

It was just perfect. Hubsy really pulled off a lovely surprise.


The kids couldn’t wait to get their fingers into the icing!



We then went out to watch football; well, the boys watched and we drank our delicious drinks. The host generously made a special dessert to surprise me:


After a lovely long day, we all went home to play some karam board! See you tomorrow. XO



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