Hey hey! Long time no see šŸ˜‰ So its been a short while since the L’Oreal True Match campaign went live. It’s one of those days where I’ve been reflecting on the experience so I figured I might as well write up some thoughts. If you haven’t already seen the ad, here it is: Ok, so let’s rewind
Hello, lovelies! I uploaded a new video tutorial on another Hoojab style: It’s keeping in line with my style of drapes and folds but with a few changes to the overall look. Here’s a pictorial version: 1. Start off by wearing an underscarf. Place the hood of the Hoojab on your head. I used the Ebony Bordered Hoo
Good evening, loves How was your week? Mine has been cuh-razy (I will explain in a video soon!) but thankfully I got to spendĀ some time in the garden today. I treasure theĀ restful times during a hectic day – work hard, play hard, right? Anyhoo, here’s an outfit from a few days ago. I am LOVING the Rose Quartz
It’s Wednesday, lovelies! Welcome back ;o) I’ve got a new video today all about my current favourite highlighters: No doubt I’ll be updating these faves in the next few months as so many brands are launching new highlighting products! These are the ones I featured in my video: Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gol