Happy Wednesday, lovelies! In my new video, I decided to film what’s in my bag. It was actually my way of sorting out what’s in there ;o) Here it is: What I’m wearing: Fawn Textured Hoojab Intertwined Falsies Shirt Some of the things I mentioned: My bag My concealer (shade 3) Glasses Camera As for the da
lookbook preview spring
Hi Lovelies, After getting lots of positive feedback and requests, I decided to create a Spring 2016 Lookbook video! In case you haven’t seen it yet, here it is: I love getting feedback from you, please browse through my looks and tell me what you think – these videos take quite a while to film, but it’s all worth th
Hi lovelies, I made a video a few weeks ago about the launch of my new range of lashes for Lashionery, and you guys have been loving these! I’m linking the video below. Today, I thought I would take you through my new range of lashes, so you can see why the Lashionery Lash collectors are growing by the day! I released 5