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There are few things in life taken as seriously as selecting one’s foundation shade. This is because it’s likely that your foundation is one of the most expensive items of makeup in your makeup case and also because you can’t go that wrong with a mascara or lipstick as we can with the wrong foundation. As the name suggests, it is the foundation of our makeup look haha!

A lot of you guys asked me to film a video about foundation shade selection for brown girls after my last few ‘brown girl’ video recommendations, so I set to make one! Unfortunately, I had major lighting issues (LONG story!) when I filmed the intro (split with the outro), so my foundation looks too dark in those parts – boo! Filming and editing twice a week, with the businesses, the blog and a life outside work didn’t leave me time to refilm before Saturday so I left it as is. Looking back, it’s not too bad, and it definitely looked fab in person. The Charlotte Tilbury foundation is beautiful :o) I hope the demo is helpful! Click below…

My Hoojab: Silver Studed Black Hi-Lo Hoojab from Pearl Daisy
The foundation I used: http://fave.co/1SSQ8BZ

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation Shade 7 
Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation Shade 8

My false lashes: Lashionery’s ‘Fluffy’ falsies 
Ardere Cosmetics Sculpt Stick
Ardere Cosmetics Makeup Sponge
My Hand accessory (Hand Daisy Chain) 

My top: Red jumper from Boohoo 

red jumper

Step 1 – Start with bare skin

step 1

Step 2 – Find the ‘matching area’


test area

Step 3 – Choosing the test shades


Step 4 – Testing the chosen shades

Apply the 2 shades you have numbered down to on each half of the face. I do this sparingly as I want my skin colour to come through so I can see a clear match.



Step 5 – Check the shades in natural daylight

When you have the 2 shades on, stop and go outside the department store. You need to see the shades in natural light to get a better idea of your match, never go by department store lighting.

2 halves

Step 6 – Apply the rest of your makeup

Apply some of your usual makeup on top this foundation to see if it settles and created the effect you want. Go in with a light hand, you don’t want to overpower the foundation.


Step 7 – Pick a side! Make your purchase if you are happy with your decision.


Have a lovely evening! Catch ya tomorrow :oD




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