I came across an item someone shared on my Facebook page – I loved it and tagged my sisters immediately. They are the ’40 Awesome Tips for a Happy and Healthy life’ by the Daily Health Gen on Facebook.

I can’t write about all 40 of them, but I would recommend for you to peruse them in your own time, as they’re written simply and accompanied with a cute illustration.

What got to me was the advice given is simple, something I’ve heard my mum and others say a hundred times, yet it flies out of our minds in the grind of life. So I wanted to share these reminders with you as well myself.

family and friends

Improving your relationship with your family and the importance of friends should never be underestimated.

improve self

Great tips to improve one’s own sensibility and health.


Precious advice here – to sit in silence and be present with oneself. I love doing this as a way of meditating or at the end of my prayers.

My favourite piece of advice:


Check out the page and let me know what you think. See you tomorrow. XO






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