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I find it all very strange. 100,000+ subscribers. I have proof of it in my own hand. 100,000 thousand people just like me sharing in this achievement. When I sit in front of a camera in my home, I really can’t imagine 100,000 people. Thank you for letting me be a part of your lives. Thank you for your support. My life has changed so much since my first video. And for that I am overwhelmingly grateful. <3




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  1. Suzan


    Masha’allah sis amena!! The way u hav got in ur life,ur perseverence,ur attitude towards negativity n ur push up in life is a very good example as a muslim ah…i still cannot imagine what all u had to got to go through in ur struggle…I go through a very hard situation here in India because of my free minded thinking and a wiil to live an independent life,and I am often left alone,each time I see u I feel a sense of positivity and energy in my life and a surge to accomplish my aim,though I may remotely know you…thanks sis amena,u are my SUPERHERO..lol:D


  2. Nisah Khan


    Salams Sister Amena,

    You are an inspiration to many women. Indeed with your postive attitude , you have my mindset too.
    So I thank you for all your videos which brings sunshine in our hectic life.

    Hugs & kisses
    Shamsunnisah Khan


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